My Favorite Vegan Documentaries

Watching documentaries is actually how my journey to veganism began. I love watching documentaries, especially about food. The first documentary I watched actually turned me vegetarian; “Food Inc.” (available on Netflix). I had always respected vegetarians and had tried the lifestyle many times, ending soon after the attempt began. Something about just seeing the documentary […]

Finding Vegan Friendly Restaurants

If you haven’t heard of HappyCow, you are missing out, my friend. This site is a life saver and is probably THE best resource¬†when it comes to finding restaurants that are vegan or vegetarian friendly. HappyCow is a collaborative community that was born in 1999 to make finding these restaurants more accessible for traveling vegans […]

Welcome to Veganversity!

Welcome to Veganversity! My name is Delaney, it’s nice to meet you! I’m a Texas college student, and this site is going to be how I share my unique experiences and any helpful tips for being vegan. In addition, I’m going to be posting some of my favorite apartment, dorm, and even dining hall recipes. […]