Finding Vegan Friendly Restaurants

If you haven’t heard of HappyCow, you are missing out, my friend. This site is a life saver and is probably THE best resource when it comes to finding restaurants that are vegan or vegetarian friendly. HappyCow is a collaborative community that was born in 1999 to make finding these restaurants more accessible for traveling vegans or people looking for healthier eateries.

Similar to Yelp in functionality, HappyCow lets you search for restaurants with the three categories of vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly. In addition to restaurants, you can search for health stores and smaller shops. Another plus is the site international, so planning the next time you travel the world just got a whole lot easier! Their website has great features such as a recipes section with a large selection of topics. A calendar of veggie events and festivals is online as well. (If you ever get the chance to go you should!) There is also a HappyCow app for both Android and iPhone. The app even lets you save restaurants and stores for upcoming trips and access them offline (save that data).

HappyCow has been my savior since I live away from home for school. It’s so simple to use, and has real reviews that are very helpful. I found the vegan bakery that’s just blocks from my campus using this! My favorite find from HappyCow has been a local DFW restaurant called Spiral Diner and Bakery. It’s a completely vegan restaurant that has the most delicious food ever.